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Guitar of the week: Master Granadillo guitar

Best solid Sitka USA/Cedar Canada /Dolomiti Spruce Italia top , solid Granadillo (Mexico) Back & sides , mahogany with wenge reinforced neck, bone nut 45 mm and saddle, Ebony bridge & fingerboard , gloss top & Open pores Back&sides finish, Master Luthier work , individualised sound of guitar according to customer request , including Dowina DELUXE Hard Case.

Playing the Master Granadillo guitar

Martijn van Agt from Kauffmann´s Guitar Store located in Netherlands said

playing Granadillo guitar: “This Dowina guitar is really

nicely made with the beautiful details and it sounds really really nice”

Introducing team members every week

Stanislav Petko Marinov, who was born in Bratislava, is behind the unique sound of the Dowina company. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of STU, where he also taught for thirteen years and shortly after the revolution he started his own business – he founded a company for the distribution of musical instruments, later he started producing guitars himself – in 2003 he founded Dowina company in Devínska Nová Ves.

He named it after the first record of the Devín castle, as he is fascinated by history and later moved to the vicinity of the castle.

Stan’s key know-how is to find the right wood. “Particular attention should be paid to the top plate, which is responsible for about 80 percent of the sound quality. You need strong, durable and the lightest possible material, “says Marinov. If the wood does not meet these parameters, the instrument will never play well.