Richard’s Invaluable Contribution

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Every call with Richard from Richard’s Guitars ( UK) starts the same way: “Can I interrupt you for a minute?” or “Just a short catch up!”… and then we end up talking for at least 40 minutes. Richard has a unique way of creating, designing, and thinking about each model separately. He meticulously looks for the best wood combinations to bring his customers something that is both unique and familiar. His unwavering dedication to his vision elevated our custom shops to another level.

It all started slowly and unobtrusively. “Heya, Erika, do you think we could change the rosette on the Sauvignon?” One year later, we had an exclusive series of deluxe vintage guitars with thermo-treated spruce, wooden rosettes, and a semi-gloss finish. Richard’s vision continued to drive us forward. “Heya, Erika, what about an all-walnut and all-Honduran guitar to really highlight the beauty of these tone woods?” And now, here we are with the Tribute series, which looks completely unique. You can check them here :

Dowina Tribute To Walnut GAC Deluxe

One could argue that contributing to a new guitar series is sufficient acknowledgment. However, I am most grateful for Richard’s unwavering support and enthusiasm. He has helped me realize how unique we can be and how much care we invest in each instrument. Through his never-ending support, our team has demonstrated incredible flexibility and the ability to work together in truly amazing ways.

It’s not just about creating good guitars, but it’s also about fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and grow.

Through this approach, we have built a culture that encourages creativity and innovation and allows each individual to contribute their unique talents to the team. 

I think our guitars are a testament to the passion and dedication that drives us every day. But they are also a symbol of the deep connections and relationships we have forged along the way.

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