Antique series
Solid top instruments. Perfect for daily playing and practising with optimal quality/price ratio.
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Antique series is more then just substitution of Woody series. In the guitar construction and used materials are incorporated subtle changes which increase quality of tone, workmanship and playability. And first of all, the personal selection of the top plates guarantees an unexpected sound quality and projection.

The model names have direct connection to rich antique history and to our Genius Loci.

  • Puella means Girl in old Latin language and is firstly recorded in Fulda Anals from 864 year as translation of old slavic word Dowina.
  • Marus is an antique name of river Morava located near our factory.
  • Rustica - the name is derived from an important archeological excavation of Roman homestead named Villa Rustica near our factory – 1st. century AD.
  • Danubius is an antique name of river Danube.

Antique series model range

Puella/ 2 different shapes
Dolomite spruce, Solid sitka
Puella is guitar you can rely on with clear and defined sound, which is result of its robust construction and quality of spruce top plates. This guitar is perfect of strumming and for those who'd like to be heard.
price from 349€
Rustica/ 4 different shapes
Solid cedar
Subtle design and more shapes to choose from make Rustica one of the most popular guitars in Antique series. High quality solid cedar top delivers robust and strong sound.
price from 419€
Marus/ 6 different shapes
Dolomite spruce, Solid sitka
Exotic Zebrano is a signature wood of Marus model, which also offers total of 9 different shapes. Shapes range from Dreadnought to Grand Auditorium with Florentine cutaway, so Marus gives you opportunity to select design that suits you best.
price from 439€
Danubius/ 4 different shapes
Dolomite spruce, Solid cedar, Solid sitka
Danubius is with its elegant design and detailed craftsmanship the most advanced guitar of our solid- top Antique series. Selection of top plate material and shape is up to you, whether you like the robust sound of Cedar or defined tone of Dolomite spruce.
price from 499€

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Bona vida
Bina vida hybrid
Dreadnough cutaway
Grand auditorium
Grand auditorium cutaway
Hybrid cutaway
Jumbo cutaway