Vintage series
All solid instruments. Superior materials used. Mature and full sound.
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Vintage guitars are for those who appreciate a superior guitar sound, just as a connoisseur appreciates superior wine. They are individually created with the application of the same construction philosophy applied to a master violin.

  • Superior tonewood selection – Individual graduation of the thickness of the top in specific areas to allow the top to flex more near the edges, and hence, gain more of a deep, fundamental tone.
  • Discrete bracing design matched to the top’s characteristics.
  • Tops are individually finally tuned to basic harmonic tones in optimal tonal scale range.
  • Each instrument is individually crafted for professional application by one of our master luthiers.

Vintage series model range

Sauvignon/ 6 different shapes
Dolomite spruce, Solid cedar, Solid sitka
Sauvignon is our high demanded entry model of all solid Vintage series. Combination of popular Sapele Mahogany wood with back & sides made of either Cedar, Sitka or Dolomite Spruce, makes Sauvignon sound very balanced.
price from 799€
Chardonnay/ 8 different shapes
Dolomite spruce, Solid cedar, Solid sitka
What makes Chardonnay really special, is personally selected American Walnut for its back and sides. The irregular structure and color scale makes each of these guitars look unique and special, while acoustic qualities of wood makes Chardonnay great for each occasion.
price from 939€
Cabernet/ 9 different shapes
Dolomite spruce, Solid cedar, Solid sitka
Cabernet is the most advanced guitar of the all solid Vintage series with back and sides made of exotic Indian Rosewood. It is a well known tone-wood for its balanced acoustic quality, beautiful structure and full color. Cabernet is a guitar that fulfills high expectations of its owner.
price from 1099€

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Bona vida
Bina vida hybrid
Dreadnough cutaway
Grand auditorium
Grand auditorium cutaway
Hybrid cutaway
Jumbo cutaway