Aura – the concept guitar

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Introducing the Aura – a guitar that we are incredibly proud of. It boasts special custom features and premium materials, including a completely new approach to the body/neck joint.

The shifted X-bracing design moves the acoustic center to the middle of the top plate, which allows the sound to be spread evenly through the wood. The sloped side creates more space for your hand and makes it easy to reach higher frets.

Inspired by the Golden Cut – a ratio considered to be the most natural and eye-catching in nature – the special body shape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The fretboard inlays are Lissajous figures, which are graphic representations of different intervals.

Our cross-laminated needle reinforcement not only creates a unique visual effect but also offers great support to the overall neck stability. And, the built-in heel – one of the most special features of this new model – allows guitarists to play in higher positions, further expanding their playing range.

All of these new features can be adopted on any of our Master and Custom series guitars. The choice is yours – simply choose the wood combination and design your very own Aura.

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