Bianca Macková, better known as Blanch, is a Slovak singer and songwriter, performing both solo and with her band. Her debut album 'DELUSION' came out last year.


A Slovak songwriter and singer. She has been prolific in recent years, putting out four albums under Slnko Records. The latest one, Celibát, came out in April 2020.

Juraj Burian

A jazz guitarist, Berklee alumni and proficient session musician, having appeared on numerous Slovak and international records.

Dave Cousins

A founding member of British pop/prog-rock band 'The Strawbs'. Dave is still touring, ether with his 'The Acoustic Strawbs' trio or with the full band.

Sima Martausová

“A Dowina was the first guitar in my life that I picked up and suddenly knew I wanted no other. It is very comfortable to play and even smells lovely. I wrote most of my songs with it."

Juraj Hnilica

"One day we were sitting with my friends by the fire and all of a sudden one of them brought a Dowina guitar with the words: Here you go, play on this! I didn’t forget it since the first pluck and now I have my own."

George Nash

A fingerstyle guitarist who plays the acoustic guitar in a very unique way, utilizing the full body of the guitar to sound like multiple instruments.

Maelor Hughes

A solo singer-songwriter based in Lancashire, delivering an innovative and energetic twist on traditional folk, blending melodic riffs and up tempo tunes.

Stano Počaji

“My Dowina guitar is from the high-end custom shop series. After many months of searching for the ideal guitar, this one won my internal competition, beating even much more expensive guitars from famous brands.”

Caroline Hitland

“I have been playing with Stano Počaji since 2007 and after he started playing a Dowina, our performances reached another level. Recently I bought a Dowina which will be my new companion, travelling between Norway and Slovakia.”

Steve Cooney

"I recently got a Dowina Hybrid model. It has been superbly put together with an extremely solid construction, creating a sense of stability."

Sébastien Hogge

"I’ve played a lot of concerts in my solo formula, but also in a quartet, using this guitar. It really fits my playing style because it offers a wide array of sounds."

Michal Kulich

“Great sounding wood with a Slovak spirit. I was happy to discover high-quality guitars made in our country. My Cabernet GACE with a Sitka Spruce top has an excellent sound and had me interested from the start."

Pete Flamo

"When I met a Dowina the first time, I felt like the outstanding quality, the well-built body and the perfect neck were just for me. The Canadian Cedar jumbo body gives a kind of a natural reverb to the sound."

Luka Sraka

"The first time I ever heard of Dowina guitars is when my friend bought one and showed it to me. It was love at first sight and soon after I persuaded him to sell me the guitar. A true love story."

Jakub Tuleja

"The guitar sounds much better than more expensive guitars. Silk Road fascinated me at first sight. While playing I have a feeling it‘s made of precious relics."

James Kitchman

"Loving my Madagascar GAC!!! We are making a strong bond. I have a new record coming out and it would be a good time for me to announce being an artist with Dowina."