price from 2503€

The high gloss finish on flamed maple makes the Acero our most luxurious model.

The combination of maple and spruce, used in violin making for over 400 years, is acoustically exceptional and in demand, especially by fingerstyle players. If you are looking for a bright and clear ringing sound, the Acero is the right choice.


price from 2142€

Granadillo wood, also known as Mexican Rosewood, has extraordinary acoustic quality. Its dense structure makes it perfect for musical instruments, while its color scale from yellow to dark brown simply looks amazing.


price from 3302€

The Cocobolo is our flagship guitar that we love to produce. Each guitar is unique and it is up to you which wood combination you will go for. Available with either a 2 or 3 panel back, this offers a variety of combinations with which to express yourself.

Cocobolo III

price from 2908€

The combination of Cocobolo with ebony, maple, but most often with another piece of this exceptional wood, tends to draw the most attention.

The difference between our Cocobolo and the Cocobolo III lies in the process of making the back plate . The Cocobolo III back is composed of three parts, always bookmatched Cocobolo on the edges, complemented by a distinctive center.


price from 1901€

Have you ever seen all solid oak on a guitar? We have. The idea behind the DUB model was to use local wood from sustainable sources, but at the same time to reach a full and resonant sound. DUB (meaning ‘oak’ in slovak) is special in both ways, the unique visual is just a nice complement to a strong and full sound.

Strip Padauk

price from 2207€

Padauk is an extremely responsive wood, and its metallic reverberation makes it distinctly different in sound from other guitars. It holds the bass while accentuating the trebles. We adore this guitar and combined with the Thermo treated spruce top, it’s one of our most popular models.


price from 3504€

Madagascar Rosewood is a tonewood whose acoustic properties are often compared to the mythical Brazilian Rio Rosewood.

Both species have been banned from logging for years, which of course we fully support, but we are delighted to acquire a limited number of acoustically exceptional pieces that are over 25 years old.

Madagascar resonates in a way that few other woods do, and will exceptionally amplify the character of the soundboard. If you like the clear sound of quality spruce, Madagascar will brighten it up even more. If you favor the bassier character of cedar, Madagascar will give it a unique space to shine.

Ebony X

price from 2498€

Ebony is a wood used in violin and guitar making for many decades, but it is not at all common to see it directly on the body of a guitar. This is because ebony is not easy to work with and bending it into the desired shape is difficult. We managed to do it, however, and the result is this extravagant Master Series Ebony X guitar.

Purple Heart

price from 2158€

The unique color and great acoustic properties of this wood make the Purple Heart one of our most distinctive models. It was designed for all the players looking for a splash of color in their lives.

Amber Road

price from 2200€

The unique design of the Amber Road was inspired by the ancient amber trade route that connected the coastal locations of the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, passing through the area where Dowina guitars are made. The Indian rosewood backplate is complemented by a maple center wedge, which adds dramatic contrast to the whole design.

Silk Road

price from 2378€

Silk Road is another model that refers to the historical significance of the area. Wenge, Ebony or even Cocobolo in the middle of its flamed maple back is a distinctive feature of this model. The horseshoe inlay on the 12th fret symbolizes the horse-drawn carriages on which the silk was imported. And it is also a symbol of happiness.

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