price from 1250€

The Sauvignon is our highly demanded entry model to the all-solid Vintage series. The combination of a Khaya  Mahogany back & sides with a top made of either Cedar or Swiss Spruce gives the Sauvignon a very balanced sound.


price from 1725€

Macacauba, the wood used for the guitar’s back and sides, can be highly variable – from bright red to purplish brown, symmetrical or with interesting patterns. If you go for a Merlot, you can be sure that you have have a one of a kind guitar.


price from 1636€

Indian Rosewood is a well-known tone-wood for its balanced acoustic quality, beautiful structure, and full color which makes Cabernet a guitar that fulfills the high expectations of its owner. Colorful design of rosette and herringbone purfling is recognizable from a distance. 


price from 1379€

What makes the Chardonnay really special is the personally selected American Walnut used for its back and sides. The irregular structure and color scale of this wood makes each of these guitars look unique and special, while its acoustic qualities make the Chardonnay great for any occasion.

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